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Stop settling for “one size fits all” financial advice.

We know how it feels to have financial advice thrown at you from all angles.  It comes from the news, family, friends, and co-workers.

It’s overwhelming, confusing, and biggest problem…  None of these people have a financial situation that is exactly like yours.

Taking advice that is based on the financial siuation of others can quickly lead to disaster.

Introducing WealthPrint, our 4-meeting financial planning process that will leave you with a financial plan that is as detailed and unique as your own identity.

The Process

Your 4 WealthPrint meetings will cover the following financial planning areas:

Retirement Planning

We discover whether you are on track to retire "on time", and create a plan to ensure you won't outlive your retirement assets.

Tax Planning

We help you minimize your income taxes and investment-related taxes during your working and retirement years.

Estate Planning

We help you minimize inheritance taxes, and ensure your loved ones are taken care of for years to come.


We help you build the proper investment portfolio required to achieve your financial goals, without taking on more risk than you can handle.

Business Planning

We guide you through creating a busines succession plan, minimizing business income taxes and offering a retirement plan to your employees.

Insurance Planning

We help you determine exactly how much and what type of insurances you truly need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to go through the WealthPrint financial planning process?

From start to finish, the WealthPrint Financial Planning process typically takes 3 weeks. Creating your financial plan is a 4-meeting process:

  • Free 20-Minute Initial Phone Consultation – During this 20-minute phone call, we will discuss your financial goals and give you an opportunity to ask questions.  This no-cost consultation allows you to determine whether it makes sense for us to move on to the ‘Data Gather Meeting.’ Prior to this meeting, you will receive a list of items to have handy and/or submit in advance.
  • Data Gather Meeting (virtual or in-person)  – In this meeting, we will more deeply explore and discuss the details of your financial situation.  This meeting may not be necessary, depending on the complexity of your financial situation.
  • WealthPrint Proposal Meeting (virtual or in-person) – In this meeting (virtual or in-person), we will discuss the red flags we discovered in your finances.  We present our recommendations, discuss the value we can provide, and let you know what it will cost to begin working together.
  • WealthPrint Financial Plan Presentation Meeting (virtual or in-person) – In this meeting (virtual or in-person), we will present your comprehensive financial plan and start implementing our recommendations.

Do our meetings have to be in-person?

Absolutely not.  We work with clients across the US.  Thanks to high-quality video conferencing and other technologies, you will feel like you are working with us in person.  Even local clients often prefer interacting with us this way, due to how efficient and convenient it is.

How much does the WealthPrint financial planning process cost?

As an R.L. Brown client, you have access to all current and future WealthPrint financial planning services and tools.

The financial planning fees associated with being an R.L. Brown client will be discussed following your free 20-min Initial Phone Consultation.  Since our financial planning fee is determined by the complexity and scope of your needs, we can not estimate your fee until first gathering more information about your unique financial situation.

What information do I need to have prepared to get started?

We will send you a preparation list for your free initial phone consultation. The purpose of this first call is to have a surface-level conversation about your financial situation and determine whether the deeper ‘Data Gather Meeting’ is necessary.

Are you ready to start planning the right way?